Organizing Nannou Work


Just spent the morning getting my organizing hat on.


I've added two projects to the nannou github:

  1. Buffers, Screenshots, Video and Stuff This is a place to organize work for a few things I'd like to see in nannou. Being able to save the screen to a buffer, display an image to the screen and eventually video support. There are a lot of challenges involved in these goals so I thinks it's worthy of a project.
  2. Bugs šŸ›šŸ›šŸ› This is a place to do a bit of bug triage. As we are a very small team it can be a little overwhelming to keep track of all the issues that come in as the project grows. I hope this can help prevent issues going missing in the depths and also prioritize the more urgent problems. I only intend this to be a place for issues that are broken code in nannou not feature requests or unimplemented sections of code.

Don't feel any obligation to use these projects, I know kanban isn't everyone's cup of tea. Having said that if you do happen to make / find an issue that you think fits one of these projects adding it to the project might help someone get to it quicker. how to add to project


Asking coding questions about nannou in our slack is a great way to get quick answers but if there isn't someone around who can answer it then your question might float up into chat oblivion.

So to help with this I'm going to be monitoring for nannou related issues. Just tag the post with the nannou tag. This will be useful for larger questions and also makes it easier for others to see answers to common questions.

Thanks Tom G