An open-source creative-coding framework for Rust






Nannou is a library that aims to make it easy for artists to express themselves with simple, fast, reliable code.

Batteries Included

One of the beauties of being a creative coder is that we have the potential to create works in a wide range of domains. Nannou aims to give equal priority to a full suite of creative I/O including graphics, multi-windowing, audio, lasers, lighting and more.

A fast, modern language

When experimenting with the cutting edge in audiovisual processing high performance becomes a necessity. When performing live or creating long-running installations reliability becomes equally important. Rust ticks these boxes and more.

Open Source & Liberally Licensed

Access to these technologies is often expensive and locked behind proprietary systems. We believe in democratising this space by open sourcing Nannou for everyone to use. You can find the code here.

Join Us!

You can get started with nannou by visiting the guide. If you need some help or simply feel like hanging out with some fellow creative coders you are welcome to join us at the nannou slack or the nannou matrix community.