Nannou awarded Mozilla grant for foundational audio development


Nannou is a creative coding framework that aims to make it easy for artists to express themselves with simple, fast, reliable code.

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It is our great pleasure to announce that Nannou has been awarded 10K USD in funding as a part of the MOSS Mission Partners track. The proposed work is aimed towards improving the state of some foundational crates within the Rust audio ecosystem over the next three to four months. Key areas of our work will include:

  • Addressing some long-standing issues in CPAL.
  • Review and improve CPAL's web audio support.
  • Implement a simple web app and guide demonstrating CPAL's web audio support.
  • Design, develop and document a standard audio graph abstraction and crate, reflecting on lessons learned and limitations of prior efforts, and the requirements of the wider rust audio community.

We look forward to empowering both Nannou users and the wider Rust audio ecosystem with this work. I, mitchmindtree on GitHub, will be doing the majority of CPAL design and development within the issue tracker and pull requests at CPAL's Github repository where those interested will be free to review and provide feedback. In around two months after the CPAL work is addressed, we will begin to tackle the audio graph work. At this point, we will post an update with our plans and solicit feedback from the various branches of the rust audio community before moving ahead.



Thank you Mozilla and the MOSS team for giving us this opportunity and including us as a Mission Partner! We look forward to diving into the work and doing our best to become a positive example of what funding OSS development can achieve for the wider community.

Thank you Erlend and the Amethyst team for reaching out and encouraging us to apply! Without your encouragement, demonstration of prior success, and enthusiasm for the proposed work we likely would not have taken the time to apply. The Nannou and Amethyst projects share a significant amount of upstream code and will share more as Nannou plans to adopt rendy in the near future. We believe taking the time to communicate, collaborate and encourage one another is the path forward for OSS and we look forward to continuing to do so with the Amethyst team.

Nannou Amethyst

Supporting Nannou

While this contribution marks a significant milestone in Nannou's quest for sustainability, we still have a long way to go. If you are interested in supporting Nannou's development, please consider becoming a contributor at our open collective page.

If you would like to get to know our community a little better or simply hang out with some like-minded creative coders, feel free to join us on slack!

RustFest Reminder

Josh and I will be giving a workshop on creative coding with Nannou at RustFest Barcelona next month! We hope to see you there!

<3 Mitch and the nannou team